Finding the ideal candidate for your business is difficult enough without adding recruitment AI tools. Use this guide article to learn 5 reasons you need to use artificial intelligence recruitment software.


Recruiting assessment tools can help prevent bad hires


Preventing bad hires is a top priority for HR professionals. A recent HR professionals survey found that reducing turnover and improving retention are the two biggest challenges they face.


Unfortunately, most companies are not very good at predicting a superstar and a stinker in advance. Research by the American Psychological Association shows that as many as 25 percent of hiring decisions turn out to be poor choices. (And some experts say the number is even higher.)


The cost of a bad hire can be high. How much does it cost to replace an employee? The answer depends on job responsibilities, location, industry, and how long the person has been employed. But in general, research finds that the cost can vary from 50 percent to 150 percent of the annual salary.


AI tools for recruiting can help prevent bad hires by making it easier to identify candidates with skills, experience, and personality traits that make them more likely to succeed in a specific job than other candidates. Recruiting assessments typically include pre-employment tests or a battery of tests covering multiple topics such as cognitive ability, behavioral traits, and technical knowledge. In addition to helping employers find better job candidates, automated recruiting systems also can help companies hire more diverse workforces because they remove human biases from hiring decisions.



Recruiting assessment tools save you time screening applications


When your job ad gets 100 responses, it's a waste of time to read them all. But many hiring managers don't have a practical alternative, which means they end up spending a lot of time finding the right people out of a huge pool.


For companies with hundreds or thousands of applicants, screening can be a painstaking process that takes days or weeks. If you don't have the time to review every application carefully, consider using an AI recruiting platform. 


Artificial intelligence recruiting saves you time when screening applications for potential candidates. It eliminates bias throughout the recruitment process by assessing all applicants in the same format, allowing you to focus on other important tasks besides recruiting.


Recruiting assessment tools are automated


AI hiring software is automated, which means it helps you speed up your hiring process dramatically. It also allows you to discover more about your candidates and build a picture of what skills and qualities make for the ideal candidate.


By using AI recruiting solutions in this way, you can be confident that you’re making the most of interview time.


Recruiting assessment tools can help you decide how to train your new hire


Your new hire deserves the best training possible, but how do you know if they need basic or advanced training? You can't train them in the wrong area and then expect them to perform at their best.


With AI hiring tools, your new hire can take a test that will show you exactly where they excel and where they need additional training. They can even get a full personality profile to help you understand them better to know how to communicate with them most effectively.


If you're planning to invest time in training your new hire, it's important to make sure it's targeted at the areas where they need it most. AI assessment software can help ensure you don't waste time (or money) on unnecessary training for your new hire.



Recruiting assessment tool suitable for IT companies


One of the best AI for recruiting which is perfectly suitable for IT companies is Wild Noodle AI-powered assessment


Founded almost 20 years ago, it has already provided services for such companies as Microsoft and Fast Track. It’s attractive for recruiters and HR managers because of a couple of reasons: 

1. Its assessment test is quick, gamified, and mobile-friendly.

2. It tests candidates for problem-solving, learning ability, core programming concepts, and algorithmic thinking. 

3. Wild Noodle assessment is proven to be correlated with job success. 

4. The assessment is highly instrumented for full metrics and security. 


Want to try it right now? Wild Noodle provides a free trial and 10 free tests. Try it today:


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Perhaps the biggest takeaway here is that using recruiting assessment tools helps you find top-tier candidates and can help you save time throughout the recruiting process. If you're looking for an opportunity to streamline your recruiting, take a closer look at these tools today!