How Programming Assessment Tests Are Beneficial for Your Business 

Computer programmers go through many challenges in their lifetime. They are expected to understand even the most complicated programming languages, and lacking in one skill can only prevent them from climbing up the career ladder.

But this doesn’t mean that employers don’t have their fair share of challenges. Finding suitable candidates can be just as troublesome, especially since more and more people are becoming interested in the field.

Is there for your business to turn this problem into something more valuable? It’s best to start digging at the roots and hire your most skilled candidates from the get-go instead of spending time and money on training existing employees. And one way to do this is through programming assessment tests—something you can efficiently conduct as part of your pre-employment requirements.

The benefits of programming assessment tests

  1. Eliminate bias

The biggest problem with conducting face-to-face interviews is that the employer tends to grow biased, especially towards candidates with certain personality traits. Standardized assessment tests happen without human intervention, allowing the system to rely on data and data alone.

This approach eliminates any form of bias. Online programming challenges judge candidates based on their skills, including their technical knowledge, cognitive ability, problem-solving, and initiative.

  1. Save time

Recruiting takes time. You need to source candidates, assess each one, and even attract new ones when others don’t meet your standards. On top of all that, you’d have to compete with many companies that may or may not have better offers than your own.

It can be troubling trying to deal with these steps all at once. A programming assessment test and online programming challenges can help save you time and added stress. They only take about 30 minutes.

  1. Increase employee retention

The challenges of finding recruits don’t stop once you’ve hired the perfect candidate. This time, it’s all about retaining your fresh hires—and it can cost you thousands of dollars.

A programming assessment test can help you make objective decisions, ensuring that you hire a candidate who will perform to their best abilities. In fact, assessment tools are 36% more effective than a hiring manager for decision-making.

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How Recruitment Assessment Tools Help Speed Up the Process 

How long does the average recruitment process last? Most companies take around two to four weeks—anything longer than that and they may start losing their best candidates.

Recruitment isn't as easy as it seems. Aside from attracting suitable candidates, companies need to provide consistent communication and feedback. Any lack of urgency can reflect badly on the organization.

It doesn't help that the tech industry is such a lucrative field. New candidates are popping up every year, each with their own strengths to bring to the table. In fact, the United States is currently struggling to keep up with the growing number of computer programmers, with the job market predicted to shrink by at least 7% by 2026.

Luckily, technology has made it simpler for both the recruiter and the recruit to reach a common goal. Recruitment assessment tools are the perfect solution to reducing hiring and training costs, ensuring that you find the right people and put them in the right places.

The recruitment process, with the help of a recruitment assessment tool

  1. Sourcing

The actual recruitment process starts with sourcing candidates. Traditional methods, such as putting up job ads or relying on personal networks, are simply not enough in today's time.

Instead, it's best to rely on recruiting tools for the job. Recruiting software comes with technical competitions that can attract skilled individuals, allowing you to find the most qualified talent.  

  1. Assessing

Problem-solving skills are necessary for any technical candidate. Employers find this difficult to assess through interviews alone, and in-person tests are incredibly time-consuming.

Recruitment assessment tools solve this by having built-in tests that assess a candidate's skills in basic programming concepts, ability to learn, and problem-solving.

  1. Attracting

Although sourcing is a more proactive approach to finding candidates, it wouldn't hurt potential recruits to come to you instead. You need to stand out from other companies — and one way to do this is through recruiting tools.

Recruiting software allows you to run branded competitions and offer sponsorship opportunities to interested candidates, associating your company with excellence and credibility.

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How to Choose the Best Employee Assessment Tools Online 

Online employee assessment tools offer more benefits over manual assessment procedures when selecting candidates and making sure that the right people are hired for the job. They are useful for every company, even for software and application development firms as they streamline the process of recruitment. It saves recruiters a lot of money, time, and effort in candidate selection and assessment, and it produces precise results in quantitative assessments. However, not every platform is alike, so it makes sense to be discerning when selecting the right online employee assessment tool. Here are some tips for doing that:

  • Make sure it is designed for your industry – Are you looking for programmers? Look for employee assessment tools online that are made for that specific need. That way, it will provide an assessment test that can help you measure the candidate’s programming capabilities, ability to learn quickly, use different programming techniques, and solve problems.
  • Get to know the features – Consider an assessment test that won’t intimidate candidates and can be tailored to measure specific capabilities of a candidate. It should be fun to take and language independent. Look for a tool that can complete an assessment in just 30 minutes. It should provide a reliable quantitative assessment for the candidate that allows you to identify the best individuals for a particular position and to ensure that you can retain them.
  • Know the developer – Make sure that the employee assessment tools come from an established and reputable company that understands your industry. Check for reviews of their product and solutions to verify how they have helped other employers.
  • It should help you attract the best talents - Some companies host regular coding competitions, which aim to attract the best talent. This way, employers or recruiters like yourself can easily identify them and you can make an offer to hire them before your competitor does.
  • Try it for free – Find at least two different employee assessment tools and sign up for a free trial to discover which solution works best for you.
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Why You Should Use A Candidate Screening Tool for Selection Process 

Finding the best talents to join your app and software development company can be challenging. You definitely do not want to waste time and effort with the wrong hires who may bring more problems than progress down the line. That’s why it’s important to screen candidates and carefully assess their abilities to make sure that they are the right fit for your company. Using candidate screening tools will make those processes streamlined and easier.

Avoid the guesswork in screening

A candidate screening tool comes with an assessment test that will determine the programming capabilities of a potential hire. It will also assess their ability to apply various programming methods to create correct and effective programs. With candidate screening tools, you can identify their ability to solve problems and learn quickly.

Not every screening tool is alike, so you should consider a solution that is designed for your industry’s particular needs. Likewise, you should ensure that it is language independent and designed to be fun to take. That way, the assessment process can be tailored to your specific requirements and less intimidating to candidates. When candidates are more confident during assessment, they may be able to do their best and have a better chance at acing the test to effectively show you how they can contribute to your company.

Streamline the recruitment process

Candidate screening tools are able to streamline technical recruiting, which is traditionally challenging because you want to make sure that candidates are fit for the job. Moreover, you have to convince them to take your offer and make sure that they will stay with your company. The screening tool will help you identify which candidates have the right problem-solving capabilities and the capacity to learn new things. It can be difficult to learn about those aspects with only their application or resume, so it makes sense to have a proper assessment tool to help you identify and verify those characteristics in a candidate.

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What Are Employee Assessment Tools and How Do They Help Assess Learning? 

It can be challenging to find the right people for a particular position in your organization, but the right employee assessment tools may be able to simplify the process. These tools are also helpful in ensuring that you have hired the right people for the job. The purpose of employee assessment is to help you learn more about the people in your team, from their strengths to their weaknesses, and how they can contribute to your organization in the long run. Proper assessment can also help employers learn more about the preferences, personality, experience, communication style, background, and work style of every individual, as these factors may be critical to how effective an employee could be in the workplace.

There are different types of employee assessment tools for every purpose. Some of these tools may be designed to determine the interpersonal skills or the knowledge and expertise of an employee, while others are specifically meant for testing the level skill of a person for a particular task or responsibility. By including employee assessment in the recruitment or hiring process, employers will be able to make highly informed hiring decisions that can positively impact the bottom line of the organization.

Some employee assessment tools are aimed at certain industries. For instance, they could test the programming capabilities of a candidate and their ability to solve problems and learn fast. Using these tools, employers could identify the various strategies and programming methods the prospective employee could apply to create efficient and correct programs. Employee assessment is not just performed during the hiring process. It can be an on-going aspect that can review and assess the growth of employees in the long run, too. That way, employers have solid data they can use to determine an individual for promotion or for another position in the company.

Be sure to invest in high-quality employee assessment tools, which are easy to use and fun to take. Some of the tools you can consider are language independent and can be accomplished in 30 minutes. They will provide a quantitative assessment that can improve the way you hire, retain, and train employees for long-term success.

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How can Employee Assessment Tools Help You Hire the Best Employees for Your Company? 

Employee assessment tools have been used by small to large businesses for many decades, but these days, they are more streamlined, reliable, and user-friendly. Employee assessment tools essentially measure and evaluate a candidate's skills, ability to perform, technical knowhow, and behavior. They offer the following benefits in terms of hiring the best talent that you won't find in traditional assessment tools.

Manage high-volume hiring

Online pre-hiring tests remove the burden of administration to recruiters and employers. The screening is fast and easy as results are delivered at the touch of a button. You'll know right away those who didn't make the cut and provide immediate feedback to them. Online employee assessment tools save time, so you can use your resources on evaluating and interviewing top candidates for the position.

Ensure accuracy of assessment results

Online employee assessment tools feature an automated grading process that guarantees that test scores are checked according to the specified standard. They also ensure that the results are free of human errors. The scores—including the complete test analysis—will be significantly helpful in determining the best person fit for the job.

Evaluate candidates using facts

Employee assessment tools keep recruiters transparent and objective when screening potential applicants. They provide evidence-based information that can help you accurately evaluate the skills and knowledge of participants without bias. You can focus more on the candidate's skill set based on the valuable insights and detailed reports collected. 

Verify a candidate's claims

According to research, 85% of employers have caught job candidates lying on their resumes. That's how far some people go to land their dream jobs. Your company's well-crafted and designed employee assessment tools could be your first line of defense against those kinds of job applicants. The tests will verify if they really possess the skills and qualities they claim to have.


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Get Access to the Best Collection of Programming Challenges 

As a programmer, you are responsible for keeping up with the latest developments and trends in software programming that makes sense to your specialty or the area that you wish to specialize in. Besides doing your research, you can take online coding challenges to learn and apply them, and get yourself used to their processes. Consider finding a credible coding learning platform, preferably an algorithm building game that provides a range of puzzles with complexities that gradually increase. That way, you can progress smoothly and become a better programmer that can take on any challenge.

Doing online coding challenges can hone your programming skills. It prepares you for challenging situations on the job, and as well as for employment assessments that involve practical coding tests to determine your skills and capabilities. Coding challenges are like tests that can help you assess your own programming skills and discover areas you could improve on. The best programming challenges online are versatile and can be used to teach anyone the principles of coding, regardless of age. These challenges are also practical when you want to practice to participate and increase your chance of winning in global coding competitions. Some providers of programming challenges online also hold exclusive coding contests that could introduce you to some of the top employers.

Not all online coding challenges are the same, so when you are searching for the right platforms, make sure it is fun, motivating, and capable of teaching you the concepts of today’s programming languages in a gamified and simplified programming environment. Regardless of your expertise or skill level, it should let you get started with the basics while allowing you to progress to advanced challenges as you learn simultaneously. The techniques you can pick up should be applied directly to other programming languages. Consider a platform that is easy to learn and will teach you about parameterization, program structure, loops, conditionals, decomposition, OptimizationD, object and methods, and debugging.

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Find the Best Coding Assessment Test Online: Wildnoodle 

It is natural for an employer to test your skills before hiring you, so they can determine if you are the right fit for their company and their projects. The same principle is followed by employers who are looking for programmers or app and software developers. This time, they are likely to provide a coding assessment test, which you must ace to prove that you are the best person to hire. Even if you are confident in your skills, it still pays to practice and hone them in time for your employee assessment. You can do this by finding the best programming assessment test online.

Wildnoodle is a perfect example of a computer programming learning platform for aspiring programmers and avid developers. They offer tests and contests that provide a fun and educational way to test your coding skills and identify areas that need improvement. You could win cool prizes, too. By taking their coding assessment test, you can practice and build more confidence in your skills.

A programming assessment test can be a great way to learn more about coding, especially if you choose a more advanced and challenging exam. These days, it pays to have advanced knowledge and skill in programming, so that they may be useful when the project calls for them. It is essential for programmers to be flexible in meeting their clients’ needs, too, and you can develop this quality by doing online assessment tests. When employers realize your versatility, they will be more likely to choose you for their project.

Wildnoodle may improve your chance at passing an employee assessment when you apply for a job or when you try to impress a client. And because the tests are online, you have the freedom to take them anytime you want. Wildnoodle is making a mobile app, too, so you can take your tests anywhere from your mobile device and learn while on-the-go.


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Herbert Helping Recruiters Test the Best Talent 

A Future Technology Conference Presentation

In 2017, I presented at the Future Technology Conference, which features all of the up and coming technologies. The conference was held in Vancouver, B.C.  Here I learned about the strides of quantum computing and the future of smart cities.  I also chaired a session on software developers and presented a paper.  My paper took about 12 years of longitudinal data and looked at how Herbert was being used for hiring software developers and whether there were any important markers that could help with assessing and hiring top talent.  The current methods rely on resume, psychology tests and interviews. This process can be time consuming and at the end, there is no clear way to assess a candidate's ability to problem-solve or their understanding of algorithmic thinking.  Here enters Herbert.  Fast Track Team used Herbert as one of their assessment tools and the results are in.  The study found that those who scored higher on the Herbert test were more likely to be offered a position and for those who accepted, the higher their score, the more productive they were in their first year. This resulted in higher bonuses at the end of the year, which was reflective of the employees receiving better annual managerial performance assessments. 




One of the most impressive significant factors was the candidate offers.  Herbert not only helped to quickly assess and select top candidates, but Fast Track Team needed to hire candidates who could problem-solve and think in complex ways. In a study conducted by Hewner and Guzdial (2010), "What game developers look for in a graduate: interviews and surveys at one game company," they found that the top factors for hiring included personality, knowledge of coding, but most importantly, solving challenging algorithms.  Technical companies are not interested in whether you know a specific computing language because once you've learned one, it's easy to learn another. What cannot be learned is how to see the forest and the trees, handling complexities, adjusting to changing technologies, which was cited as important hiring markers by the 2015 study, "What Makes a Great Software Engineer?" by Li, Ko Zhu. What companies are looking for are divergent thinkers. These are software engineers who think outside the box. So, I am excited to introduce the results of my study and share with your this exciting news about the changing future of hiring technical talent. Please find my paper here.  


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