Know What Quantitative Assessment Is And How It Is Useful! 

When it comes to hiring practices, there are two kinds of tests or evaluations to determine a candidate’s suitability for the position—qualitative and quantitative. What is quantitative assessment? This type of evaluation involves using standardized tests that concretely measures a candidate’s mastery of specific abilities or skills. The results reveal acute and latent ability to execute certain tasks for specific jobs.

While both types of tests are necessary to fully evaluate a candidate, a quantitative assessment is particularly useful for technical positions—such as that of a computer programmer. Recruiters often receive hundreds of applications for every opening and more than half of the resumes contain misleading or false information. For a hiring manager, going by their instinct when filling up a technical position is somewhat dangerous. This is especially true considering the long-term cost of a bad hire.

What quantitative assessments can offer is a concrete way to determine whether an applicant has the proper skill and mettle for the position. Human resource managers no longer have to depend on easily-falsifiable resumes or gut feeling. What quantitative assessments can bring to the table is an almost sure-fire way to successfully hire the right applicant.

How do you choose the right quantitative assessment provider? They should be able to offer customizable evaluation tools that can be adjusted based on what the company needs in a candidate. Their system should also let your hiring managers add or remove questions and tests based on how necessary it is in a candidate.

In the long run, aquantitative assessment is a cost-saving tool that improves the hiring process. Every business aims to hire the best employees because it eventually translates to the quality of the output. Using a quantitative assessment tool will surely bring your company closer to that goal.

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Top 3 Benefits Of Using Quantitative Assessment Tools! 

When screening potential candidates, hiring managers often use two types of evaluations: qualitative and quantitative. The qualitative assessment focuses on the individual's workplace preferences. The tools for this assessment are often informal but are just as useful. However, for hiring managers that work in highly technical fields, quantitative assessment tools are vital tools. Why? Here are the top three benefits of using quantitative assessment tools:

Saves time

Recruiters often receive hundreds of applicants for a single opening. Going through the resumes alone will take up hours, not counting the interview proper. By using quantitative assessment tools, hiring managers can "pre-screen" applicants and only move forward with those that pass the evaluations. For example, a recruiter looking to hire a computer programmer will need an online coding test. Those who pass the test can be a computer programmer. Additional requirements can then be determined in an in-person interview.


Bad hires can, directly and indirectly, cost a company thousands of dollars because of unproductivity, low quality work, and replacement search. That is why it is imperative for hiring managers to bring in top-tier talent that fits the requirements. In the long run, hiring the right candidate by using quantitative assessment tools can save the company a lot of money.

Concrete results

According to studies, 78% of applicant resumes contain misleading information, while 47% surprisingly contains false or made-up details. For a hiring manager, this can be particularly tricky because verification takes time, and most recruiters go by their instinct when it comes to hiring. Quantitative assessment tools offer concrete results for a recruiter to determine whether an applicant has what it takes. So, no more guesswork at all but just skills that are tested before recruiting.

All in all, using quantitative assessment tools can help your company hire the right candidates. Make sure to use it in your hiring process to prevent bad hires.

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Selecting the Right Candidate Assessment Tool to Hire Without Hassles 

Candidate assessment tools are important in the entire recruitment process. With the right tool, you can streamline the process while ensuring that you are hiring the best person for the job. The question is, how do you select the suitable candidate assessment tool? Here are some tips to keep in mind. 

Choose the assessment tool made, especially for business. 

Assessment tools are widely available because they are used in the business world and various industries like the education sector. Take note that some assessment tools for business are made for learning, coaching, and diagnostics. If you are hiring, make sure that the tool or solutions you choose are specifically made for business assessments or recruitment because they are more likely to contain the features you need to evaluate candidates effectively. 

Look for profession-specific assessment tools. 

The right candidate assessment tool will measure the skills and knowledge that the position requires. So, it will be a good choice to use a designed tool for a specific profession or industry. This is especially true when recruiting for technical positions. For example, if you need an IT person in your company or a software engineer, you should use assessment tools to test programming skills and technical know-how.  

Make sure that it is easy to administer.  

You don't want to spend your time administering assessment exams to candidates. To reduce your administrative tasks, look for an online candidate assessment tool. It is so much easier to administer with flexibility and handle a large volume of applicants simultaneously. Plus, it also gives you the results faster. There is no need to manually check the exams because the computer will do it for you. Some assessment tools also provide quantitative assessment for each candidate so you can evaluate their performance better. 

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Improve Your Skills in Software Engineering with Online Programming Challenges 

Software engineers are computer programmers that design, develop, test, and evaluate software applications. This type of job is very difficult. For one to be good at it, continuous learning is important. This is where online programming challenges come in. If you want to improve your skills, refresh your knowledge, or be seen by potential employers in the industry, these are the platforms that you should be joining.

Here are the ways online programming challenges help you master software engineering and succeed in this career.

Learn while having fun

The biggest advantage of online programming games is that they are designed to be enjoyable. There's no pressure as you solve the problems—you can go through the process leisurely or take a more organized approach. Either way, effective and fun learning is guaranteed.

Be a better programmer

Every day, you can solve new puzzles and code problems that you probably have not encountered before. This is a great way to sharpen your skills, master a new language, and develop diligence, concentration, and patience, some traits that will help you in your career.

Get notice by prospective employers

Currently, the demand for software engineers is high. However, the competition is also tough. Joining programming games online can be a great way to stand out from the crowd. Many IT professionals are already doing this, boosting their rankings in the game to be noticed by prospective employers.

Be prepared for skill assessment

Some companies partner with the designers of online programming games to aid their recruitment processes. They use their platforms not only to search for potential talents but also to evaluate their candidates. They can assess applicants' skills, knowledge, and performance through the online programming challenges and determine those that match their requirements. Actively participating in programming challenges gives you an edge over your competition because you can train and familiarize yourself with the assessment tool that your employer is using.

Sunday, October 18, 2020 6:07:00 AM

Employee Assessment Tools to Prevent Costly Hiring Mistakes 

Hiring the wrong employees is not just a waste of time. It could cost your business a lot of money, too, especially when you need to find replacements now and then. For this reason, every business must consider investing in the right employee assessment tools. Having those tools can help your company make smarter choices during the recruitment process, so you can hire only the best, most competent people and make them a part of your team.

The more you should consider using good employee assessment tools if you are looking for programmers. You want to make sure that they can help finish your projects on time and without any problems. In that case, you need to make sure that the employee assessment process is tailored to your company's specific hiring needs. This means using candidate recruiting tools that can assess the programming abilities of every candidate. These tools can help you determine an applicant's ability to solve problems, learn fast, and employ different programming methods to create efficient and correct programs.

Be sure to get employee assessment tools that are language-independent, so you can use them to test a candidate's knowledge of any programming language relevant to your projects. Some of the best candidate recruiting tools are like games that are fun to take and can be finished in about 30 minutes. So, candidates could feel less intimidated while their skills are being tested and evaluated. The tools can also provide you or recruiters with a reliable quantitative assessment for every candidate.

It's common practice for many organizations to rely solely on references, interviews, and resumes to determine which candidate is right for the job. In some cases, gut instinct will also be used. Suppose you do not have employee assessment tools. In that case, you could be filling in open positions in your company with the wrong people who may not be able to fulfil their duties and responsibilities effectively. You need a data-driven strategy to assess candidates more effectively and avoid costly hiring mistakes.

Friday, September 11, 2020 5:41:00 AM

Coding Assessment Test — Discover Your Strengths and Weaknesses 

Are you looking for a way to test your programming skills? Then it’s time to take a coding assessment test! These tests are a quick and fun way to discover your strengths and weaknesses in computer programming.

You can find several coding assessment tests online that can help you learn all the concepts of programming in a single platform. Highly advanced learning tools can teach you core programming skills such as program structure, decomposition, parameterization, conditionals, loops, debugging, and more.

The most exciting feature, however, is that these learning resources are all simplified into a gaming environment! So, if you are new to programming, there’s no need to worry — the right tool will guide you through the path of becoming a successful programmer.

Think you’ve mastered the basics? Challenge yourself with a wide selection of programming puzzles. Through these puzzles, you will be able to gain a better grasp on what you are good at, all the while improving your weak points. You can even participate in contests against the world’s best programmers! If that’s not your style, however, there are hundreds of individual challenges to choose from.

All these coding assessment tests weren’t just made for fun. There’s a huge chance of landing your dream job once you’ve proven your skills. Leading software providers partner with employers to help them search for next star coder. You can participate in competitions held by companies to test your abilities and become the ideal candidate.

Choose a highly advanced learning tool and start testing your skills for an affordable price! It’s surely worth every penny since this software is developed by an expert team of programmers and researchers. Everyone can benefit from the right set of tools—whether you are a student, an adult looking to shift careers, or even a teacher!

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Find the Right Candidate with Employee Assessment Tools 

The search for qualified candidates for the programming job at your company takes up a lot of time and effort. The process consists of hunting down the best candidates, testing their abilities and skills, and retaining them as employees. With the help of a comprehensive employee assessment tool, you can speed up the process and start hiring exemplary candidates efficiently.

Here are a few advantages of using employee assessment tools from a leading software provider:

  • Eliminating bias - One of the essential features of assessment tools is that any bias is eliminated during the evaluation process. The tools are responsible for testing the necessary skills one needs to have as a programmer without the threat of unfair results. Assessment tools provide evidence-based information based on the candidate’s scores and performance.
  • Efficient screening process - Streamline your screening process with a reliable employee assessment tool to increase efficiency and productivity. The use of online tools or software allows the candidate to take the assessment wherever they are. This eliminates the need for on-site evaluation, which can save both parties from spending time and money.
  • Challenges and tests for prospective employees - Employee assessment software tools are equipped with high-quality tests and challenges to properly assess the candidate's abilities. Important programming skills such as analytical thinking, coding languages, problem-solving, and computer interaction can be tested easily with the right assessment tool.
  • Accurate evaluation of results -Employee assessment tools provide an accurate computation of results, reducing the chances for human error and other factors that could affect the candidate's entire screening process.

Choose a reliable and comprehensive assessment tool reviewed by industry experts to make sure that you are presented with the most accurate results. Hire your best candidate with the help of a fast and efficient screening process!


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Career Planning? Take the Programming Assessment Test to Know Better! 

Are you looking for a career in computer programming? Get to know yourself and your skills better with programming assessment tests. A career in programming will require you to apply skills such as designing, creating, and maintaining software programs. Taking an assessment test will help you determine your existing abilities and improve on your weak spots.

Here are the benefits of taking programming assessment tests when planning your career:

  • Get to know yourself better - As a programmer, you need a wide range of skills to become successful in your career. Both an analytical mindset and creative thinking are essential when it comes to becoming an expert programmer. With a reliable programming assessment test, you will be able to distinguish between your strengths and weaknesses in core programming abilities such as analytical thinking, coding languages, problem-solving, and computer interaction.
  • Challenge yourself - Programming assessment tests allow you to take various challenges to measure your skills. An assessment test is an effective way to practice and hone your capabilities. Go through challenges provided by a leading programming resource software and compete with other aspiring programmers. Who knows, you might be the one person to solve even the most complex puzzle.
  • Prepare yourself - It is recommended that you take an assessment test to prepare yourself for many recruiters' rigorous evaluation process. Impress prospective employers with your excellent problem solving, analytical, and critical thinking skills to get hired and build a successful career for yourself.

There are many programming assessment tests available online. However, only a few offer a comprehensive tool that tests every necessary aspect of being a programmer. Choose a programming assessment tool designed with industry standards in mind and reviewed by experts in the field.

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Tips and Tricks to Assess Programming Skills Like a Professional 

Most recruiters are challenged when it comes to finding the best talents for highly technical jobs like computer programming. That's mainly because they don't know how to evaluate programming skills like a professional. If you are one of them and you need help assessing your IT candidates, then be sure to keep these tips in mind:

  • Define the job requirements
    Before you start assessing programming skills like a professional, you need to identify the specific skills to be evaluated. The requirements will be different for every IT role, so make sure to discuss the matter with the manager or the supervisor. Who is your ideal candidate? How much experience should he or she have to be considered for the position? Besides the technical skills, it's also good to pinpoint soft skills and attributes that your company is looking for in a talent.
  • Use online candidate assessment tools
    Online candidate assessment tools offer a convenient way to administer exams. They also eliminate human errors and thus guarantee the accuracy of results. Just make sure that the assessment tools you choose will be able to test the specific programming skills that you require or evaluate the candidates' language knowledge and expertise.
  • Consider using online programming challenges
    These platforms can also be designed for your business's sole use to test programming skills like a professional. The online programming challenges provide different coding tests for different programming languages. You can adjust certain features (such as the difficulty level and the language) better to check your candidates' technical know-how and problem-solving capabilities.

Did you know recruiters use programming or coding challenge websites as sources of top-caliber candidates? They follow the leader-boards to see the programmers who have high ratings and scores in their challenges. Some recruiters or companies will even run their competitions with prizes to entice more professionals.

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Quantitative Assessment in Education - Know Why It’s So Important 

Much of what people know about quantitative assessment in education is that it is summative, which means that it is used to evaluate students' accomplishments and assign numbers or give marks on their work. But it's more than that. Schools have long been using quantitative assessment in education to accomplish different purposes. Here's everything you need to know about the importance of this type of assessment in education.

Provide diagnostic feedback

Right at the beginning of a school term, quantitative assessment tools are already used by teachers. They provide diagnostic exams to check the students' current knowledge base before the start of the lessons. This will help teachers think of effective ways to instruct and inform learners about their current standing and prepare them for the topics to be covered.

Evaluate the quality of instruction

The exam scores of students can tell many things apart from their skills or knowledge. These scores also speak volumes about the performance of the teacher and the quality of the instruction. If most of the students in the classroom have failing marks, then the teacher or the instruction method may not be effective. It's safe to assume that the lessons are too hard for the students—which means that the learning objectives are not met. The teacher should make adjustments on how he or she will efficiently teach the lessons.

Make informed decisions

Quantitative assessment in education is like a quality assurance tool that guides teachers toward attaining better standards. How? For example, teachers use short quizzes and activities as formative assessments or for developmental purposes. The scores will help them identify learning gaps, hindrances, and progress. They can also tell if the class is ready to move forward to another topic or if they need to repeat the instruction to better understand the concepts.

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