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Wild Noodle can help. Our AI-powered candidate screening services will help you find the best software developers, as proven by a 12-year study, with a gamified test that gives candidates a good impression of your company.

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A perfect complement to language tests like HackerRank or Codility, Wild Noodle’s screening focuses on the fundamental programming skills that let candidates excel in any language.

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Wild Noodle screens candidates' problem-solving skills, ability to learn, and knowledge of programming fundamentals.




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Wild Noodle makes technical recruiting easy and effective and is proven to result in better hires.




Just send a link to a candidate to screen them. The test takes just 30 minutes, and the results will be available immediately.


Our AI-powered screening test for what really matters - ability to learn, knowledge of fundamentals, and problem-solving skills.


A 12-year study showed a clear correlation between Wild Noodle's test scores and subsequent job performance.





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Easily assess hundreds of candidates in just minutes.



You'll get your own personal URL. Invite candidates via email, text, or even include your assessment link in the job listing.

The candidate takes the 30-minute gamified programming test on a desktop, laptop or phone.

View candidate screening scores in your dashboard. Their h-score shows their percentile rank against the thousands that have taken the test.





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During the trial, you can view the results of the first 10 candidates for free. No credit card needed. Upgrade to see additional candidates at just $10 per test. 


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