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Wild Noodle courses for small programming rising stars

Courses for kids and teenagers with important material that will further help learn other programming languages (Java, Python, etc.).

Gamified approach using a gaming figure and programming integrated development environment view to immerse into coding from the very beginning.

An opportunity for kids and teenagers to create pet programs in a fun, interactive environment, with personal one-on-one feedback and support from the instructor.

How and when?

The perfect thing about Wild Noodle programming courses is that they don't interrupt your child's school program
and don't distract their attention from lessons during the week. Your child will love these courses because:
- every course takes two weekends;
- one class lasts no more than two hours;
- a break in the middle of a class;
- a gamified teaching process.


Why Wild Noodle programming courses?

Suitable for ages 6-16

A strong base for beginners

Gamified process of education

One-to-one and group classes

Create projects for portfolio

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