There are a lot of poor hiring practices out there. Many practices focus on the wrong things and that doesn’t produce any results. But there are three quick hiring practices you can use to hire better employees. Apply these three tips, and you’ll be making better hires today!



Before you hire anyone, write down the abilities you need


It's a good idea to have a checklist that describes the type of employee you're seeking. A good place to start is by looking at the job description for your position and then jotting down what skills and attributes you need.


Treat this description as a roadmap and share it with every candidate you interview. This allows them to understand how they can demonstrate their skills and experience, which helps you get the most out of the interview process.


Along with describing your ideal candidate, keep in mind that there's no perfect fit for every role. You'll likely need to find someone who's a close match to the person you're replacing. If you don't, your business will suffer if they can't pick up where their predecessor left off quickly.


Figure out the cost for the job you need to be done


Working with a great employee can make your business shine. The problem is that if you've never hired anyone before, you probably have no idea how much to pay them.


How much should I pay an employee?


The answer depends on what type of work they'll be doing and how qualified they are. You would generally pay more for an experienced worker with proven skills than a beginner or trainee. If the job requires extensive training, you might also offer a salary or hourly wage that's higher than the average rate.


You can set up a salary range by researching the going rate for the type of work they will be doing in your area or industry. If you're hiring a highly skilled worker from outside your company, it might be easier to offer a salary based on their current level of experience and expertise. In some cases, a combination of these approaches might be appropriate.



Know what qualities you want in your employees


Finding new employees is hard work. You have to write a job listing, screen candidates, interview them and make a final decision. It's tedious, but finding the right employees will set your company up for success in the future.


When it comes to hiring, there are four main qualities you should be looking for:


Motivation: Motivated employees take the initiative and get things done. They're excited about going to work each day and are constantly thinking of ways they can help improve their company.


Communication: Good communication skills are important in any job, especially when you have a team of people working together toward a common goal. Clear communication reduces confusion, builds trust, and makes sure everyone is on the same page.


Attitude: Some people just have an attitude that can rub others the wrong way. This isn't something you want in your workplace because negativity will spread like wildfire, negatively affecting everyone else around them.


Input: Listening skills are important when it comes to communicating with others, but input is about more than just hearing what someone has to say — it's about listening carefully to what they have to say and considering their opinion before making any decisions.


It should be noted that a candidate skills assessment test for employment will be handy in this case. 


Skills assessment tests for employment are an effective way to determine job applicants' qualifications. These tests can be done either online or in person, and they can include a variety of different components that measure the job applicant's knowledge, aptitude, and personality traits.


Tests can cost anywhere from $10 to $5000, but businesses seeking to hire qualified employees find that they are worth the expense. The more sophisticated skills assessment tests include essay questions and interviews as well as objective questions. Some also include simulations and interactive elements that help the employer determine how well the applicant will perform specific tasks related to the position.


Skills assessment tests are used by many employers and industries, including construction companies, high-tech companies, service industries, manufacturing companies, retail chains, and others.


Employee skill assessment tool in the IT sphere


Did you know that traditional tests used while hiring a software developer either force a candidate to solve unrealistic programming exercises or evaluate them on knowledge of programming deep that may be irrelevant to the work they'll actually do?


Wild Noodle solves this problem with the world's only language-independent programming assessment! We've validated that our AI-powered test is correlated with job success based on real-world data from over 1000 job hires. That means while hiring a perfect match for the position, you as a recruiter or an HR manager can rely on what is written on your screen and as well as on the result of the test task.


The special appeal of the Wild Noodle AI-based programming assessment is its own unique programming language called “h”. As Dr. Soraya Cardenas mentioned in her article called “Herbert Test Helping Hire Software Developers: A Complex Algorithmic Problem-Solving Tool”, “h” uses traditional high-level language concepts: statements, procedures, parameters, arguments, and recursion. However, “h” is syntactically more simple, and contains some concepts (procedural arguments) that are not found in traditional languages. 


Because of the fact that “h” is really easy to learn, it would help recruiters, HR managers and business owners define who is really interested in a position and spend some time on learning the new language and completing an assessment test, and who considered the assessment test hard enough without even trying. 


So, now the main question is: how to send the Wild Noodle AI programming assessment to candidates? The answer is easy: just get emails of your perfect candidates, download them in the app and send invites to take the test!


Sounds easy? Then find out more information here: or contact us today:





Always keep in mind the importance of hiring capable people. If your organization is missing skilled people, it needs to hire competent ones to compensate for their respective positions. This is vital for the success of your organization.


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