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in after-school classes?


If so, here's why the Introduction to Programming course from Wild Noodle is the only choice for you:


Classes are taught by professional software developers with over 10 years of experience to ensure students get the best possible training and understand clearly every topic taught.

It's gamified, teaching to write real programs, and since there are no limitations on puzzles (levels), there is always a next engaging assignment ready when a user is done with the current one.

The course teaches all the fundamental concepts needed to advance to other programming languages, like Python and Java, and gives an opportunity for students to boost their future careers.


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Why we are the best way to introduce your students to programming


With the Introduction to Programming course, students will be engaged in meaningful problem solving, learning through trial and error, and building on their programming knowledge with each new exciting level they complete. The course allows students to spend as much time on programming as they need after school, giving them a perfect opportunity to succeed in the future with the knowledge gained.


Even if your students have never written a single line of code before, the Wild Noodle Introduction to Programming course will help them get there. It's a friendly, fun way to learn the basics of coding and become a software developer in no time.


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