Are you a tech recruiter trying to assess potential new employees? You're in the right place. On this blog, you will be able to find plenty of useful information to help you make better recruitment decisions with a recruitment AI tool created especially for tech hires called Wild Noodle


What is the Wild Noodle assessment tool? 


It’s known that nowadays, the programmer job market doesn’t stand in one place and is rapidly growing at 24% per year. It means that the percentage of candidates per one position is growing too. The more candidates - the more work a recruiter has. The more work recruiter has - the more probability is that real rockstars may be ignored. Why? 

There’re a couple of reasons for it: 


1. Most recruiters pay attention to HOW a CV is written, not WHAT is written there. If a candidate is a real professional but didn’t take the time to reread their CV a couple of times and add engaging words there - the probability that their resume will be skipped gets higher. 


2. While looking for a perfect match for a developer position, lots of HR managers and recruiters look through candidates' resumes. Experience, languages currently known, platforms are currently known, development environments currently known - this is what they see there. However, such lines as intelligence, ability to learn, problem-solving skills, and knowledge of programming concepts are missing. (You can read more about it here)


3. There’s no chance to predict how a candidate will perform in a particular position using only a resume. That’s why considering this point, those who have written their resume most attractively will win a position. 


However, what to do to avoid these mistakes and predict how a candidate would perform at a particular position if hired? In terms of technical recruiting, the Wild Noodle AI recruiting tool will help you with it. 


Wild Noodle makes technical recruiting efficient and effective by providing the first language-independent, gamified programming pre-hire assessment test, proven to be correlated with job success.


A 12-year study found that a candidate’s test score successfully predicted job performance. And it’s true: to pass the test, a candidate should solve a programming puzzle using the robot called Herbert, which makes the assessment process fun and exciting. 



What lies in the basis of the Wild Noodle assessment? 


On the basis of the Wild Noodle assessment lies the Herbert test with its “h” language, developed by Brian Conte, CEO of the Wild Nodle Corp. According to Conte, “h” language is a language that uses algorithmic principles to solve puzzles, which range in complexity. Brian has hired hundreds of developers over the 17 years since the Herbert test was developed and made Herbert help with that. 


Besides, as Dr. Soraya Cardenas mentioned in her article “Herbert Test Helping Hire Software Developers: A Complex Algorithmic Problem-Solving Tool”, “h” uses traditional high-level language concepts: statements, procedures, parameters, arguments, and recursion. However, “h” is syntactically more simple and contains some concepts (procedural arguments) that are not found in traditional languages. 


Because “h” is really easy to learn, it would help recruiters, HR managers, and business owners define who is interested in a position and ready to spend some time on learning the new language and completing an assessment test, and who considered the assessment test hard enough without even trying. 


What benefits does the Wild Noodle assessment provide? 


Recruiters, HR managers, and employers like the Wild Noodle assessment because: 


1. It’s a quick (30 minute), gamified, mobile-friendly test that is easy to take; 


2. The assessment is AI-powered that allows recruiters not to do much additional work to find rockstars for their positions; 


3. The test’s goal is to test not only the hard skills but also problem-solving, ability to learn, core programming concepts, and algorithmic thinking; 


4. The Wild Noodle assessment gives a wide range of challenge difficulties; 


5. The assessment is highly instrumented for full metrics and security; 


6. It also integrates with other assessments and ATS systems. 



Which result is got after a candidate takes a test?


A recruiter can email a link to their software job applicants and, within 24 hours, view a report that ranks them on their programming abilities against each other and the general population, with a score proven to be correlated with job success. 


How much does a Wild Noodle assessment cost? 


New users have an opportunity to get a free trial plan with 10 free tests to try the Wild Noodle assessment. After using the first 10 free tests, there is an opportunity to buy a paid plan


1. 10 more tests for $99; 


2. 100 more tests for $899;


3. 500 more tests for $3999. 


Besides, before registering on Wild Noodle, there’s also a possibility to order a free demo to discover all the features the Wild Noodle assessment provides. 





Employers have access to a wealth of new applications and tools that make the recruitment process easier and simpler than ever before. Wild Noodle artificial intelligence recruitment software enables employers to get a better, more reliable, and more consistent reading of potential candidates. If you need employees, assessing potential candidates could be an effective way to find the best people for the coding job.