How long does the average recruitment process last? Most companies take around two to four weeks—anything longer than that and they may start losing their best candidates.

Recruitment isn't as easy as it seems. Aside from attracting suitable candidates, companies need to provide consistent communication and feedback. Any lack of urgency can reflect badly on the organization.

It doesn't help that the tech industry is such a lucrative field. New candidates are popping up every year, each with their own strengths to bring to the table. In fact, the United States is currently struggling to keep up with the growing number of computer programmers, with the job market predicted to shrink by at least 7% by 2026.

Luckily, technology has made it simpler for both the recruiter and the recruit to reach a common goal. Recruitment assessment tools are the perfect solution to reducing hiring and training costs, ensuring that you find the right people and put them in the right places.

The recruitment process, with the help of a recruitment assessment tool

  1. Sourcing

The actual recruitment process starts with sourcing candidates. Traditional methods, such as putting up job ads or relying on personal networks, are simply not enough in today's time.

Instead, it's best to rely on recruiting tools for the job. Recruiting software comes with technical competitions that can attract skilled individuals, allowing you to find the most qualified talent.  

  1. Assessing

Problem-solving skills are necessary for any technical candidate. Employers find this difficult to assess through interviews alone, and in-person tests are incredibly time-consuming.

Recruitment assessment tools solve this by having built-in tests that assess a candidate's skills in basic programming concepts, ability to learn, and problem-solving.

  1. Attracting

Although sourcing is a more proactive approach to finding candidates, it wouldn't hurt potential recruits to come to you instead. You need to stand out from other companies — and one way to do this is through recruiting tools.

Recruiting software allows you to run branded competitions and offer sponsorship opportunities to interested candidates, associating your company with excellence and credibility.

Posted by Pallavi Joshi Monday, March 15, 2021 7:25:00 AM Categories: software programming