We all want our company's growth to reflect the success of its products in the market. Success is a measurement of improvement – which is why metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) matter. So, if you are looking for an easy solution to measure your growth, we have an awesome tool that you can use. Let's get started with understanding why you need a work assessment tool, and then we will share information about the Wild Noodle programming assessment tool! 



What is a work assessment?


Work assessment is a test designed to assess your ability to undertake a job. It looks at things like your skills, personal qualities, etc. Usually, tests will be carried out as part of your employment application.


Work assessment can also be used to assess whether an employee can still do their job effectively. This is called work capability assessment.


How can a work assessment help recruiters and hiring managers?


Hiring the right person for the job is not just about finding a skilled candidate, it's also about finding someone who fits into your company's culture. And to do that, you first have to figure out what kind of person is most likely to succeed in your organization.


Tests are an amazing way to assess someone's personality and capabilities. The best ones can help you find well-prepared employees for their jobs and will be happy doing them. Here's why work assessments are so helpful: 

1. They can be administered quickly. There's no need to set aside hours or days for interviews or tests. You can usually get through an assessment in about 15 minutes, although some of them are longer.

2. They're cheap or free. There's no need to pay someone else to administer them; you can do it yourself or have your HR department handle it, as long as they're qualified to give the tests and interpret the results.

3. They help prevent discrimination lawsuits. By eliminating any bias toward race, gender and other factors, work assessments help make sure you hire the right people for the right reasons – not because they fit a certain profile or look a certain way. 


Use Wild Noodle to bring your professional aspirations to life


Traditional tests used when hiring software developers either force candidates to solve unrealistic programming exercises or evaluate them on knowledge of programming deep that may be unrelated to the actual job. What to do in this case? 


Wild Noodle solves this problem with the new world's only language-independent programming hire assessment test! Based on actual data from over 1000 classified job hires, we have confirmed that the test correlates with job success. This means that recruiters or HR managers can rely on what is written on the screen when filling a position rather than the results of the job interviews!


Our AI-powered test is not only useful but also fun: based on the “h” programming language, the Wild Noodle programming assessment test allows a candidate to solve tasks by playing a game. The main character of this game is a robot called Herbert, and it’s what candidates should use to solve all the tasks correctly. 


Already want to test your candidates using Wild Noodle AI-based programming assessment? Share your assessment link with your candidates through email and then choose the best of the best!


How to use the Wild Noodle candidate screening tool? 


Wild Noodle AI programming assessment test is created especially for recruiters, HR managers, and employers working in the IT sphere. It's really easy to use: 

1. Register on https://www.wildnoodle.com ;

2. Test the app using your first 10 free programming assessment tests (one test for one candidate); 

3. Gather the results in the table; 

4. Look at the statistics available in the table and choose your rockstar talent! 


After using your first 10 free tests, you have an opportunity to buy a paid plan

1. 10 more tests for $99; 

2. 100 more tests for $899;

3. 500 more tests for $3999. 


Hiring is a team sport. Be the first one with Wild Noodle!


How can I buy a Wild Noodle programming assessment plan? 


You can leave your contact information for our manager to get in touch with you here: https://www.wildnoodle.com/contact

Or you can contact us on any of our social media:

- Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wildnoodlecorp/

- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WildNoodleCorp/

- Twitter: https://twitter.com/WildNoodleCorp

- LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/wildnoodle/




Overall, Wild Noodle offers a great AI-powered assessment tool to help you find exactly what you need in your new hire. If you're looking to make sure the person you hire is going to be a good cultural fit, Wild Noodle can ensure that by testing their professional skills. And of course, if you're just looking for someone qualified for doing the job, Wild Noodle also ensures that these applicants' experience and education are up to par.