Programming Skills Test

Learn to Program

Want to learn to program? There's no quicker or more fun way than Wild Noodle's Herbert. That's because it teaches all of the concepts of modern programming languages in a simplified and gamified programming environment. Start  with the basics and progress up to more advanced challenges, learning as you go - the techniques you learn are directly applicable to other programming languages.

Herbert will teach you about:

  • Program structure
  • Decomposition
  • Parameterization
  • Object and methods
  • Conditionals
  • Loops
  • Recursion
  • OptimizationD
  • Debugging

All in a simplified programming environment you can learn to use in minutes.


Challenge Yourself

If you hunger for technical challenges, you're in the right spot. Wild Noodle packs more puzzle per pixel than any other programming playground. Puzzles that challenge your abilities, open your mind, and are fun to solve. Whether you are just starting in software or at the top of the hacker heap, you'll find programming puzzles here to astound and confound you.

We have dozens of previous contests, and hundreds of individual challenges in our library. Some have stumped even the world's best programmers and remain unsolved today - can you be the first to solve them?


Win Prizes, or Land your Dream Job

Got an ego? Put it on the line in our exclusive coding contests. Match wits with the best of your peers. Prove your programming skills. Win cool prizes. Get the attention of top employers.


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